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My first month of betting ever was a success because of Peter. Thanks to you and your amazing team. You have all truly changed my life.
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Since working with Peter I've made thousands of pounds in a single day and I'm on track to do 6 figures this year alone. If you get a chance to work with Peter - trust me - take it. It really did change my life.

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I've gone onto make £8,368.30 within my first month of betting. Talk about fast results!

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Subject: Betting Without Risk!

You’ve undoubtedly heard it at least a thousand times…

“Make £x,xxx.xx every month with my incredible betting tips that has a strike rate of xx%”

Yep, these marketers clamour over the “enormous profit-pulling power” of their new service.

They are lining up to give you the keys to the betting kingdom.

They tell you that anyone can make massive profits from betting.

And they tell you that all you have to do is follow their “simple” strategies or tips… and you’ll be swimming in your own vast pool of cash by this time tomorrow!

If you’re like many of us, you’ve bought into the online madness. Now, let me ask you… how has that worked out for you so far?

You might not want to admit it to anyone else, but your betting efforts probably haven’t paid off like you had hoped. In fact, if you’re like most punters… you’re actually losing money with betting!


You’re Still Taking Risks!

Even if some of these gurus aren’t lying about their strike rate and odds… they could have just had a streak of luck.

Ok, he might have made a decent profit in 2014 by using a savvy system but remember that bookmakers change their algorithms ALL the time.

You can just as easily lose all the profits you made last year because a well-paid bookmaker employee - that spends more time analysing betting data than you do – has pushed a button and changed a mathematical formula.

How many times does a tipster tell you that he made thousands in the past couple of months and doesn’t manage to deliver these results after you join?

And that’s ignoring the fact that most of these guys are scammers anyways.

What I’m offering you today doesn’t rely on events out of our control.

You don’t have to scourge through Soccerway to find matches that fit a certain criteria.

There are no losing streaks or crazy up and downs that mess up your momentum.

Yes,I’m going to reveal a ZERO risk betting strategy that has never been published before but first…

…Let Me Ask You A More Personal Question

Why are you betting?

Is it for the thrill of winning?

The potential profits?

To show off to friends and family?

Or to test your knowledge on a particular sport?

What is it that spurs you to place your hard-earned money on an event that’s very likely to go against your way?

Really sit down and ask yourself these questions before you carry on reading.

Because as you probably already know

Ninety-nine percent of punters constantly lose but STILL go back to the SAME bookmaker to watch their funds go down the drain?

We’re talking billions upon billions of pounds that these crooked corporations are stealing from ordinary people, by selling illusions of control leading to overoptimism and overconfidence.

And as an honorary graduate in Mathematics and Philosophy, I have been fortunate enough to learn two crucial concepts that counteracts these misconceptions:

  1. How to think logically
  2. How to effectively use Mathematical formulas to create idea

Unsurprisingly, when I graduated in 1996, several of these bookmakers approached me with attractive £30K+ a year positions ranging from odd compiler to gambling consultant to brokerage assistant

I turned them all down.

I had personal reasons as my father was a gambling addict which eventually led to him divorcing my mother in my early teens. It was a devastating period in my life which made me hate anything to do with beting.

I wanted nothing to do with them.

My aim was to be an actuarial analyst at an insurance company or perhaps a data consultant for a big Fortune 500 company               

Unfortunately, nothing came my way.

I had odd government contracts here and there but nothing solid.

No one actually found my skills valuable.

In 2002, things got worse when my first-born baby was diagnosed with Down Syndrome.

My wife – who was the main breadwinner at the time – had to leave her job as a nurse which left me with the responsibility of taking care of our house finances.

At the time, I was earning 18K as a credit control agent for E.ON which was bearly enough to properly feed our dog!

With No Further Options, I turned To Betting

It was the hardest decision I ever had to make.

I had to transform my childhood horrors into a positive force.

And I felt certain that I possessed all the expertise to master the betting field.

In fact, a lot of my friends at university have gone on to have successful careers at bookmakers, brokers and trading companies around the world.

Ok, so my initial idea was simple!

All I had to do was formulate a system that:

  • Couldn’t lose.

  • Didn’t involve risk.

  • And that had plenty of selections everyday.
I wanted to look at betting as a waterproof investment where you always make a return no matter what day it is, what time it is or what match you bet on.

The first thing that came to mind was arbitrage.

This is a technique that uses the differences in odds at two or more bookmakers to make guaranteed profit

That idea didn’t last as I quickly got banned by all the major bookmakers.

Arbitrage isn’t illegal but it’s bad for their business.

It’s the equivalent of being thrown out of a pub for bringing in your own beer.

I moved on and dedicated my time on “matched betting”.

Another guaranteed way of making profits by using the bookmaker’s free bet offers.

 No Word Of A Lie, I Made £50 In 30 Days!

Too time consuming.

I had to delve in deeper

All I was doing was scratching the surface and it clearly wasn’t getting me anywhere.

So I took a leap of faith and ordered 10 years’ worth of football betting data of an online stats provider.

It cost me around £300 which was literally everything we had at the time.

My wife didn’t even know about it as I’m sure I wouldn’t be alive right now if she did!

What I was looking for was the strike rate of major league favourites at different odds ranges e.g 1.1 – 1.2, 1.2 – 1.3, 1.3 – 1.4 all the way to 1.7 as anything over that can’t really be classed as a favourite.

As you can imagine, this was a tedious process which stretched my patience and mental endurance to its full extent.

But I knew these numbers would give me the answers I needed to construct a zero risk strategy.

It took me a year and a half and a lot of sleepless nights to go through the 2000 games. Never mind the countless excuses I had to find to justify why I didn’t want to come to bed at 2AM in the morning.

At one point my partner even suspected that I was addicted to adult films!

If she only knew...

My Incredible Breakthrough Came In 2011 And After Three Years Of Vigorous Tweaking I’m Ready To Release It To The Betting World!

To my surprise… it isn’t a loophole or ingenious trick.

It isn’t illegal.

And it doesn’t involve any software or the exploitation of a bookmaker.

It only involves logic and some basic maths.

In fact… once you discover my risk-free method you might not believe I’m as intelligent as I made myself out to be throughout this letter.

Anyone with a computer and a bit of common sense can use it.

And for those of you who lack common sense don’t worry, I’ll also be giving away my TOP selections via email every morning.

I'm Seriously Handing You Everything On A Plate – If This Doesn't Make You ££££ It's
Your OWN Fault!

Unfortunately, some people can’t adhere to simple instructions and like to do things their own ways when they feel like it.

If that’s you please leave the page now as you’ll be wasting my time and yours.

I want to be putting more positive testimonials on this page, not listen to you complain about losses after you derailed from the ZRB strategy or Money Management System

For the rest of you… Get used to the idea of NEVER taking a risks with your bets ever again!

"Thanks Jim for not being like the rest of them"

STOP what you're doing; remove yourself from all the email lists, ignore those other "BUY NOW" buttons and pay attention to what this guy is about to unleash onto the online betting world, because he's about to make a huge shift!
Thanks Jim, for not being like the rest of them.

- Kevin
"Just wanted to tell you THANK YOU for completely OVER DELIVERING!"

You have been more than generous in what you have taught, and I have been impressed with your concern for each of us “getting” what you are teaching.

We are only 5 weeks in, but my confidence in my future betting has been restored and magnified. So excited about what the future holds…

I want to follow you where ever you are going!

- Justin
"I wanted to thank you.."

I wanted to thank you… for giving me that amazing guide on how to manage your bank.
It was packed with an unbelievable amount of useful tactics, forms and guidance. Thank you!

- Rich
"Well impressed!"

Great selections, I paper traded for two weeks before taking the leap of faith and placing money... 4 out of 4 winners since I started placing actual cash stakes Well impressed :)

- David

The Potential Earnings Are Limitless

On a daily basis, the system comes up with 10+ selections across the world so there is plenty to bet on!

The amount of money you make depends on how much time you want to put in.

I advise new members to start off with a minimum of £100.

If you follow my personal tips and spend 5-10 minutes a day placing the selections, you can easily double or triple that amount within your first week.

But you can make even more than that by using the Zero Risk Betting Strategy.

The most one of my members has made in one week was a MAMMOTH £1,281 from only £100. Apart from using my recommended selections, he was spending 2-3 hours a day finding his own ones with the help of the ZRB betting strategy.

His name is Stephen McKenzie and he is happy to give away free advice. Eemail me on the link below if you want his contact details

Plus, I made sure you’re getting
an Absolute Bargain

The best part, as I've already hinted at, is I've decided to price this super valuable information package much lower than most product launches and trainings.

What I've learned over the years is that once someone is exposed to the value of my strategies, and once they've started to experience the limitless financial returns... and the serious decrease in stress... that comes with betting with no risk... that they come back and invest in more of my products.

So I’m giving away this system at a low fee of only £29 total — and you get EVERYTHING I've mentioned:

    The entire Zero Risk Betting strategy
    The entire Money Management step-by-step course
    My daily Betting King football selections
    AND the Bi-Weekly live Q&A sessions with me [via Skype]

Considering that the Zero Risk Betting Strategy itself was originally created as a component of a £99 a month tipster service... you're getting truly OVER THE TOP value here.

It's Not Hard To Get A Return On This Investment...

How much would it be worth to you if you could really get your betting risk-free, and install a habit every day where you put yourself into a powerful, financial and secure state?

What would it be worth to learn a tried and true 5 minute betting strategy  ... and do it every day so that you consistently grow your income?

Success really is about the accumulated momentum and results you get when you do the right things day after day. No long-term success happens inr life without this as the foundation...

My goal here truly isn't to get you to just invest in the Zero Risk Betting Strategy. My vision is that you really see the value in this system, see the difference it will make to your life and success — and then take the next step into my more advanced and powerful forms of trading like spread betting and binary options... so we can help you reach your bigger goals in life... and really achieve the success and lifestyle that you want.

I want you as a client for life, and this is how we take the first step.

You get a DOUBLE Guarantee

Because I'm guaranteeing that Zero Risk Bets will DOUBLE your bank, I'm also going to include a special double guarantee:

Go through the entire system, and take the full advantage of all the tools I’ll provide

At the end of 7 days, if you've placed all the tips I sent and haven’t doubled your bank — I'll still give you a full refund.

Again, I guarantee that this system will double your bank.

And that's the best guarantee you're going to get... and I stand behind it 100%.

I'm excited to be your mentor and teach you this system to start implementing in your betting and increase the amount of profit and income you make this year.

— Ian King








P.S Remember that your order is processed by Paypal and you’re protected by our 100% honest, 30 day money back guarantee that will remove all of the risk of this transaction. You only have to try the service and I’m sure you will never want to leave.

P.S.S Most win backers are lead by emotions. Replace that with logic and maths and you''ll be doing what the bookie does. it's perfectly legal to win money by copying what the bookie does! Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity!




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